What is Circus Bar

The history of Circus Bar begins in 1983, when we, the founders, converted the former house of painter Hannes Wiemann into our public living room and stage. That is the reason why our place is also known as “Posada del Pintor”.


We arrived from Europe with a lot of passion for the circus, gipsy music and the culinary arts. While living with a family circus and gipsy musicians , and working at bars, restaurants and theaters we prepared ourselves to share our art with fans, friends and customers in Panajachel , at the shore of magic Lake Atitlan, which captivated and inspired us.


Ever since it has been our goal to introduce flamenco and gipsy jazz to people from Panajachel and national and international tourists. The first year we were the only performers, but soon we were joined by local artists and travelling musicians.


More than three decades we have been promoting local artists, while lots of international musicians keep visiting us as well to share their art with us.


Our menu takes its inspiration from the Mediterranean, where we developed a taste for fine food and drink at the best restaurants. Circus Bar was the first Pizzeria in Panajachel and still is the most appreciated up to the day.


Since the first days we have been promoting the beverage of the gods, wine-not very popular in Guatemala than. At present time our customers have turned into wine lovers, rivers of wine flow into carafes every day.


We invite you to join the international community of Circusbarians, happy people who love good food, the arts and good company in a bohemian environment in Panajachel.


We thank each of you and feel proud about your preference!