Our Musicians

At Circus Bar the guatemalan tradition of “Café Cantante” came alive again in 1983. Our shows invite you into the most authentic bohemian ambience in Panajachel.


Our bandleaders Rene Zimzik and Carlos Rangel constantly create sounds and groups that identify the rampant and romantic style of Circus Bar. Nayno, Vagabundo, Panajachel Hot Club, Grupo Añejo are some of the formations that were founded by our house musicians.


Historically the circus and gipsies have a lot of connections, their life style is the journey. Circus Bar caters to a travelling audience, that frequently changes- national and international tourists. As it is custom in the travelling circus, we also present the best artists of Panajachel, who have worked and rehearsed arduously to delight you with their art.


In this place we want to thank our local friends and audience, you who have appreciated night after night our masters without getting tired of their live music performances!.


Our columns are Flamenco, Gipsy Rumba, Gipsy Swing Jazz, and fusions and jam sessions of latin rhythms like boleros, salsa, bossa nova, samba and trova in the tradition of Cuba and Mexico in the fifties.


Here we present our music masters with samples of their art.